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Pyrenees Survey

The mountain range of the Pyrenees stretching for 435 km between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean acts as a great nutural frontier dividing Western Europe from the Iberian Peninsular. The range is one of contrasts. On the northern slopes the mountains fall steeply to the planes, while the Spanish side is confused by series of successive ridges which run in a maze away from the main crest. The range is 60 - 130 km wide. In the west the hills of the Basque country recieve the heavy, moisture-laden winds from the Atlantic. The eastern sector has a truly Mediterranean climate with low rainfall and very hot summers. The north side is more green of the vegetation because of the rain in comparision with the south. About 200 km of the range is above the 2.000 m, mostly below the 3.000 m.
Scenically the Pyrenean landscape is rich and varied. The oak and pine forest of the west are far from the scorche plateaux of Catalonia where vineyards and orchards dress the valleys. Between these extreme the Hihg Pyrenees contain all the atractions of alpine scenery; sharp, irregular peaks splashed with snow, deep trench-like canyons, great amphitheatres (cirques), and many hundreds of glistening mountains tarns. Here are almost ninety mountains above 3.000 m. The highest are the Pic de Aneto (3404 m), de Pic Poseto (3371 m) en de Monte Perdido (3355 m).
There are several natural reservates: Parc National de Pyrénées and Parc de Néouvielle on the French side ande National Park de Ordesa e Monte Perdido and Parc Nacional Aïgues Tortes in Spain. But also outside these is a beautiful flora and fauna. For instance many chamois and birds of prey like Griffon and Bearded vultures. The bear is almost disappeared, only a few survived until now. The parks are the highlights, but also the most busy. The eastern and western areas are more quiet and very nice to hike too.

Long distance trails
There are 4 long distance trails from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. The GR 10 at the French side and the GR 11 at the Spanish side are real mountain trails, but not too difficult. The High Route (HRP) follows the crest and demands more mountain experience and a very good physical condition. The Sentier Piemont is located in the lower French side: more forest and little villages; rather easy and also possible in winter.

Hikes on this website
I made my first mountain hike here in 1981 and returned 4 times, the last in 2008. The five walks are:
1. The GR 10 from the Mediterranean Sea, with massive of the Canigou;
2. The next part of the GR 10 including the area of Pic Carlit and Andorra;
3. Parc Nationale de Pyrénées and Reservé Naturale de Néouvielle;
4. Parc Nationale de Pyrénées and Park de Ordesa e Monte Perdido.
5. Parc Nacional Aïgues Tortes (only Dutch version)

Route information
The route is indicated with the main places. The number of hiking days is without days of rest.

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