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Dolomites Survey

The Dolomites is a very mountaineous and varied region in north-east Italy, near Austria, at the south side of the Alps. The surrealistic mountain walls are often very steep, in particular near the crest, due to coming into being 'dolomite'-stone: old coral islands of 200 milion years ago, with vertical slices fallen since. The walking routes in that scenery are spectacular, on the difficult, steep parts frequently secured by steel cables and scales ('klettersteigs').
There are a lot of isolated massives such as the Pragser,  Sextener and Belluno Dolomites in the east, the Sella, Marmolata and Palla in the central-western part, and the Dolomites of the Brenta and Lago Gardena in the very west.

Hiking trails
Ten marked long distance hikes span over 80 to 200 kilometres, from the North to the South, on an average height of 2.000 m: the Alta Vie 1 until 10. Mostly not to difficult (degree II), thrilling passages secured. In the dozens of various massifs is a wide choice of local routes.

Hikes to see
Walk 1 is a mountaineering route in the Brenta, the most western massif. The central part of a long distance walk takes one week, from hut to hut. It offers a classical Dolomite scenery, the huts are old (some 19th century) and beautiful.
Alta Via 1 in the eastern part is the second hike, famous because of her ideal course on 2.000 m and beautiful landscapes. We rambled 125 of the 150 kilometres. The full route takes 13 hiking days.
The third walk are several day trips really, and 2 journeys of 2 days in and around the Sella massif. Base camp was near Corvara in Val Badia

Route information
The route is indicated with the main points. The number of walking days is without days of rest.

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